Palm Swings is bringing you a sensational teacher lineup for 2020! 

Simon and Anna SelmonSimon and Anna.png

Simon and Anna bring a wealth of experience to your Lindy hop, and are known for bringing out the spirit and the fun of dance! Simon has over 30 years’ experience in teaching Lindy Hop from London to New York, from Tokyo to Moscow including 20 years at the world-famous Herrang Dance Camp. He founded the London Swing Dance Society in 1986 and became a full-time professional Swing dancer/teacher in 1990. He has choreographed and performed for stage, film & TV, and is a former UK & US Swing dance champion, World Lindy Hop Championship judge and currently writes a regular feature for Dancing Times.

Anna started working with Simon in 2012 and soon became one of the driving forces behind SwingdanceUK. She is a featured dancer in their London show “Journey Through Jazz” and performs regularly on stage. She runs her own all-girl chorus line troupe, the Diamond Girls, and has also made TV appearances as a swing dancer. Together Simon and Anna have performed at hundreds of events, and are a favourite teaching duo in London. Palm Swings give a huge welcome to them both and can’t wait to learn from their experience.

Cat Foley and Jeff Tong


Cat Foley is a firm favourite at Palm Swings and will be returning for her third year! We’re delighted to have her back, with her infectious fun and upbeat style, you won’t be able to leave class without a smile on your face. From choreographing theatre productions, to performing and placing at the Savoy Cup, to teaching internationally, Cat is a joy to have on the teaching team again.

Jeff Tong (1)

This year she will be joined by Jeff Tong, who she teaches alongside with in London for Swing Patrol. Jeff is a well-loved teacher, with numerous competition placings internationally, organising and choreographing troupes, and is known for his high energy levels and love of performing. He takes to the sky as a flier when indulging in aerials, and is an adept switch dancer, so we’re enormously happy to “switch” it up this year and have him as a follow partner to Cat taking on the lead.


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