“You always notice which dancers are the swing dancers, They’re the ones having the most fun”

This year, Palm Swings will have three levels. You will receive 6 hours of teaching in your levels, which will be two hours from each set of teachers. There will also be 4-5 hours of taster classes available as drop in sessions. Please put yourself in the level which most closely suits your ability, please contact us at palmswingsfestival@gmail.com if you have any questions about which level you should sign up for.

Improver level

For this level, you should be comfortable with basic six and eight count footwork, as well as basic charleston. You should also be able to lead or follow tuck turns, pass bys and swing outs. We’ll be giving a ton of fun moves as well as some fundamental technique to really get your dancing up to the next level.

Intermediate level

You must be familiar with lots of basic moves including hand to hand Charleston, Texas tommies, lindy circles and swing outs and have several variations for all of your basic moves. You should have been dancing regularly for over a year and have attended weekenders with international level teachers.

Intermediate/advanced level

Is swing dancing now your main hobby? If attending international workshops and camps is a regular part of your social life then this is the level for you! Tandem Charleston, barrel rolls, forward exit swingouts and sugar pushes should all be part of your repertoire. Followers should be adding their own styling to the dance, and leads should be able to easily adapt their dancing to their partners level.


We have very limited availability for private lessons with our teachers. More information will be available closer to the festival, but private lessons are easily the best way of getting some 1-2-1 feedback on your dancing (note that privates are not included in the ticket price).

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