“Lesser dancers stumble; better dancers syncopate”
(Author Unknown)

THE FESTIVAL HAS NOW SOLD OUT! If you would like to get onto the waiting list then please e-mail us at

Group Bookings

To register as a group, the group leader must email us at with your group name, and a list of individual names, e-mail addresses and their dance roles (lead/follow) between the 20th and 27th October. We will then send a booking link to every group member, so everyone can register and buy their tickets separately. All group tickets must be purchased by the 28th October.

Your group must be at least 6 people and have a balanced ratio of leaders and followers; if your group is not balanced then some of your group may end up on a waiting list. We will inform you of this when we send out the booking link.

You can pay just 20% of the total amount now, with the rest due a month before the festival.  Additional people can join your group at a later date as long as the ratio stays the same.

Individual Bookings

Individual registration opens on the 30th October at 6pm. Leaders and couples can register immediately and choose their room type.

Leaders; if you want to remove a follower from the waiting list, just add their name and e-mail address to your order and we will send them details of how to buy their ticket.

Signing up as a follower? Just add a free wait list ticket to your basket and check out as normal, we will be in touch when a solo lead signs up and takes you off the waiting list with instructions on how to register.


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